December 2014. Hardcover. 112 pages

SOPPY is Philippa Rice's collection of comics and illustrations based on real-life moments with her boyfriend. From grocery shopping to silly arguments and snuggling in front of the television, SOPPY captures the universal experience of sharing a life together, and celebrates the beauty of finding romance all around us.

ISBN: 978-0224101066 (UK) 978-1449461065 (US)

Published in North America by Andrews McMeel. Published in UK by Square Peg.

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You will be won over by the charm, the illustrations, the painfully lovely relationship that plays out in front of you
— Emily Beber - It's Nice That


January 2017. Paperback - Flexbound. 192 pages

Tackle life, love, and everyday moments with this endearing, utterly adorable, interactive journal from the fantastically popular Soppy comic. Capture something meaningful every day.
Philippa Rice's enchanting Soppy comic is now a guided journal for two to complete.

The prompts and Soppy comics throughout this book will inspire journal writers with thoughtful questions and interactive content, such as "Sketch your facial expression for that day;" "Check off whether the day was 'stressful,' 'productive,' 'gloomy,' or 'different';" "Rank your three favorite things;" and "Let's never forget."


ISBN: 9781449480417

Published by Andrews McMeel

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October 2018. Hardcover. 144 pages

Sister BFFs follows a pair of sisters who are not quite adults, but trying desperately to act like them. From job searches to embarrassing encounters with former crushes, these twenty-something sisters navigate the ups, downs, and in-betweens of early adulthood – together. Loosely based on the author’s own life, Sister BFFs celebrates the complicated love-hate relationship between sisters to hilarious effect.  They tease and trick each other but always stay loyal.

ISBN: 978-1449489359

Published by Andrews McMeel

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December 2013. Hardcover. 98 pages

Colin and Pauline come out of the comic panels and have an adventure in the real world! Artwork made of collage, 3D models and photographs.

The book has 10 extra pages of 3D images and comes with 3D glasses.

ISBN: 9780956844262

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there’s a genuine, infectious warmth and joy to the book that I’ve seldom seen achieved so successfully in comics or picture books.
— Sarah McIntyre - Jabberworks Blog


November 2012. mini-comic. 40 pages

Science Fiction / Romantic story comic in black and white. Set in futuristic cities and alien landscapes. Nominated for 2 Ignatz awards in 2013 (Promising New Talent and Outstanding Comic).

Published by Hic & Hoc

OUT OF PRINT. But some copies still available at Page 45

She does an extremely good job at creating a story immersed in a new universe while at the same time having implications of things that are very familiar to our time.
— Jessica Lee - The Beat


April 2012. Floppy comic. 28 pages

Cardboard Colin meets Fairytale and Legend in this My Cardboard Life story. A dragon has arrived in the kingdom and nobody knows what to do with it. 

ISBN: 9780956844224

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I read St Colin to my four-and-a-half-year-old at bedtime earlier this week, and it’s had two re-reruns since, because she loves it. There’s also plenty of grown up fun in the humorous and sometimes wry dialogue.
— Cory Doctorow - Boing Boing


OCTOBER 2012. Hardcover. 50 pages

Paper Pauline and Cardboard Colin star in an adventure story about a mutating ball of recyclable materials.

ISBN: 9780956844255

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The reveal of mutant Colin from Recyclost is just stupendous!
— Claire Napier - Women Write About Comics


April 2011. Paperback. 114 pages

Collection of comic strips from the first two years of My Cardboard Life the webcomic ( Cardboard Colin and Paper Pauline star in the strips alongside other collage characters such as The Polar Bear, Dr Bandaid, Steve Sponge, Silvia Foil, Noel News and many more.

ISBN: 0956844200

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it’s the rare sort of webcomic that feels real, like a physical object you can almost touch.
— Laura Hudson - Comics Alliance